In Christ Church we are privileged to share in the work of our missionary partners who greatly appreciate our prayers. If you would like any more information about our partners or if you are keen to become more involved with world church matters, please get in contact with us via the Contact Us page.

The Jims Project

Organisation: Edgewater House, Greencastle Street, Kilkeel

Parish Link: Mr Ivan Henderson

In the Spring of 1998, a 12-week pilot youth project was set up in Kilkeel. The premises (kindly donated) was laid out in the theme of Star Trek and was called JIMS. The project offered a soft drinks bar, snack food, music, games such as darts, pool and play stations etc. 

Since then, JIMS has expanded and grown into the centre that the community calls JIMS. We target youth and adults alike for various programmes. JIMS holds numerous theme events in our new end as well as hosting regular drop-in Friday and Saturday nights each weekend. 

Visit their website at

Ken & Eva Needham

Organisation: Transmission

Parish Link: Mrs K Harding c/o Parish Office

It is the aim of trans-Mission to awaken Christians worldwide to our enormous resources in the Risen Christ, while challenging all to live adventurously by being wholeheartedly abandoned to Him.

Thomas Keown

Organisation: Many Hopes, Kenya

Parish link: Jean Keown

Thomas Keown was born in Kilkeel and is the co-founder of ‘Many Hopes’ a loving home for orphaned and abandoned girls in Kenya. ‘Many Hopes’ finds, rescues, houses, loves and educates former street children and equips them to be the future agents of change in their community. The home “Mudzini Kwetu” was built to make sure the girls feel what they are: members of a family, not orphans in an institution. Each floor of the main house has 4 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, house-mother and family of mixed-age children. This is their home and their family until they choose to leave and make their own lives.

Samantha Ibia

Organisation: Mission Africa, Nigeria

Parish Link: Sam and Hazel Seed

Samantha set off for Nigeria in January 2010 to work with Mission Africa and served with Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS). Now married with two children she has very much settled into life in Nigeria. Samantha is currently serving alongside husband, Godfrey, in Abuja the capital of Nigeria.  Godfrey and Samantha work with round 300 schools and two post-secondary schools. Along with visiting these schools, they also train the elected student leaders each year from all the schools. Abuja also has a good number of associates who they work alongside and visit them regularly.

The Watson Family

Organisation: Crosslinks

Parish link: Colin Morris

Trevor and Andrea are Crosslinks mission partners working in Gothenburg, Sweden. They are both engaged in full-time language study, alongside which Trevor has had some preaching responsibilities and evangelism opportunities.

Trevor is developing a preaching conference ministry  - Equipped:Sweden - as part of a growing Swedish gospel partnership. Trevor and Andrea also have a desire to establish a bible camp ministry for children and young people. Trevor and Andrea have three children: Emily, Grace and Alice.

Inspired Hope Uganda

Inspired Hope Uganda

Organisation: Inspired Hope Uganda

Parish link: Karen Campbell

Inspired Hope Uganda was set up with the aim of providing food, shelter, clothing, education and the hope of a positive future to "poor people in a poor place with no hope". Inspired Hope have bought 42 acres of land and have built homes for 20 families who were homeless and landless and created a community called Hope Village. It is home to over 160 adults and children. They have land to grow crops and rear their own animals. A church has been built for the community to worship in, and a Nursery school where the children begin their education.