The Vision of the CCK Annex

The Vision of the new Annex or Welcome area goes back a number of years.

Our halls our presently busting at the seams with activities taking places 7 days a week. At CCK, we want to continue to make our buildings and spaces both welcoming and functional. A plan where people can meet and worship in a safe, friendly environment. Where they feel welcome and appreciated for they are, whatever their background, social status or special needs.

The new Annex will be a multi-functional outreach area. We see this new building as a faith developing space, where before and after services people can meet to have a coffee and develop meaningful conversations and develop relationships. Where prayer ministry can be offered in a relaxed setting.

It will be used for courses like Alpha, which recently ran in a local restaurant. A modern, chilled space for our young people and a place they can invite friends and do church in their own unique way, like cafe church or worship rooms etc. We want to support families who have young children and again this is an area where they can go to during any service if needed where the service can be relayed on a large screen.

We’re excited about all the possibilities of this new Annex and how we can both use it as an outreach and continue to provide our warm welcome!

Update : Nov 2021

We are delighted that work has begun on our new Annex Building Project.     

The following work has already been carried out: new power mains to Annexe by Power
NI / removal of existing structure (rear entrance porch) / driveway access to rear of
annexe / clearing of ground behind annexe / strengthening of relevant areas /
digging of foundations and approval of same by Planning Authority / filling of foundations
with concrete / beginning of building of block walls / new exterior door constructed
in lower floor area / and interior stud walls begun.
This has been a very strong start by FJ Charleton and they are endeavouring to forge
ahead and complete the project as soon as possible and before Easter 2022!